Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Maison a Deauville...Unexpected colors, Fantasy, Ethnic and totally UN-Decorated!!!

I was lucky enough to have gotten inside this wonderfully imaginative home outside Deauville to take these pictures before the house was sold, painted white top to bottom and now used as a photographers studio. The photos speak for themselves.
The unusual combination of colors in this long corridor is really very chic and unexpected. And, its all faux.

The use of varied materials makes this wonderful entrance a complete surprise. 70's glass blocks, wood stained floors, wallpaper, paint, and fabrics together give the visual effect of entering something really creative and special...and a sneak peak at what else is to come.

I always think that a special whimsical child's room is the root to a creative adult. Its all about fun, color, playfulness, inspiration and a certain looseness. What child wouldn't want to grow up in  a treehouse???

The painted carved doors lead to the powder room. An added mirrored and painted flea market find add height to the doors opening and the indian crystal lantern gives a bit of glamour to space.

You have to meet the kids.

The main living space is extraordinary. The lucite 70's suspended chair....the never ending sofa, the red painted staircase with the barn like railing, mixes well with the curlycue iron work on the mezzanine and enormous hanging chandelier. The bar is restaurant size in scale and the wood floors, scattered rugs and exposed brick on the ceiling give the space a warmth and personality all its' own.

Look at the use of color blocking. A sort of turquoise on the ceiling, a deep plum on the back wall, deep forest green dressing closets and the persimmon colored bed does work. I especially love the drapery that doesn't even try to touch the floor. They loved the fabric and didn't care that it wasn't dressmaker dead on.

I love the doors and the mural behind the bed. The bedspread in french blue is so chic.
Another great child's room.
The color of the fireplace is fantastic. A basic sofa covered in vintage fabrics with added turkish bolster pillows transforms what would have been a boring sofa into a unique lounge of ethnic fantasy. Its all thrown together in a whimsical un-decorated way.


  1. Those children live in a whimsical do the parents!