Friday, March 16, 2012

Way to GO GREEN Paris!!!

This was truly a  great sight. On the Faubourg St. Honore, not to far from Hermes...half a block of parking spaces were reserved for electric cars. Not parking spaces actually, but filling stations. Like the very popular Velib bicycle stations, seen now almost everywhere, this was an electric filling station for cars. Instead of gas pumps, these stations had retractable electric plugs that came from what looked like a modernized version of the old parking meters , that one connects to their environmentally friendly automobiles. Hope to see many more of these eco-friendly electric stations, (and cars too). Bravo Paris!


  1. I see my friend Reggie D. found your blog!

  2. Man I want a electric car. I know I'd probably just get one to feel superior. That I'm being good to environment. Would be nice to even go in a ride with one.